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Thirubhuvanam Silk Saree


Santharam T


Thiruibhuvanam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu


Co-optex is the largest apex handloom weavers cooperative society in India promoting handloom industry.

About Co-optex

The Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers' Co-operative Society, more commonly known as "Co-optex," was established in 1935 with the aim of promoting the handloom industry and supporting cooperative weavers in a commercially viable manner. As the largest apex handloom weavers' cooperative society in India, Co-optex is dedicated to organizing production to meet the needs and preferences of the market, procuring handloom products from cooperative societies, and marketing those products through its extensive network of shops across the country. Additionally, the society offers crucial technical and financial support to weavers, helping to keep this traditional industry thriving.

Thirubhuvanam Silk Saree

Thirubhuvanam Silk Saree is a unique and exquisite type of silk saree that has been a part of Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage for centuries. These sarees are made using the finest quality silk, which is handwoven by skilled weavers in the town of Thirubhuvanam.

What sets Thirubhuvanam Silk Sarees apart is the intricate designs and motifs that are woven into the fabric, using a technique called 'Jacquard weaving'. The designs are inspired by traditional Indian art forms and often depict scenes from Hindu mythology. The use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns make these sarees a work of art.

Thirubhuvanam Silk Sarees are also known for their durability and lustre. The high-quality silk used in their making ensures that the sarees last for a long time, while the luster adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. If you are looking for a saree that is unique, elegant, and steeped in tradition, then Thirubhuvanam Silk Saree is the perfect choice.

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Co-Optex leverages technology to address the issue of trust deficit in handloom sector

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