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A whole new paradigm to run the craft business

Leverage technology to unleash the potential of the craft sector with our state-of-the-art supply chain solution and engage with consumers like never before. 

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Brand Protection

Counterfeit and imitation products can badly impact the brand reputation. Our proprietory IoT and AI based WEAVESENSE technology, establish product authenticity, provenance, traceability and sustainability credentials of your brand. Protect your brand from counterfeit, unauthorized diverted products. 

Supply Chain Visibility


KOSHAs solution provides visibility into the craft making process and traceability throughout the supply chain and actionable information to optimise the operations. Our multi-level labeling system covers products and packaging for optimized services. The solution can also be integrated with existing ERP systems of customers. 

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Consumer Engagement


Drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty with content to engage consumers deeply and deliver contextual experience s both in-store as well as online platforms. Actionable data insights can be dovetailed with customers marketing strategies. 

Product Digitization


KOSHA enables product digitization for MSMEs in decentralized sector with a unique digital identity integrated into each product. This enables visibility of the supply chain from the source until it reaches the consumer and beyond. Our proprietary tamper-proof labeling, WEAVEPROTECT, ensures integrity of the digital identity on the product.

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